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Is My Chinese Product On The Increased Tariff List? Check here!

The Tariffs imposed on Chinese imports are comprehensive and downright confusing. If you’re unsure whether your product is on the list, check here. Click on this link and scroll down a bit. Tariff Search You’ll need to put in the first 8 digits of your U.S. HTSUS Tariff Code. Then submit and it’ll let you […]

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Chinese Tariff Recap and Summary

May 17, 2019: The US publishes List 4 proposed 25% ad valorem tariffs on Chinese products. Public hearings began June 17th. “The proposed product list covers essentially all products not currently covered by action in this investigation. The proposed product list excludes pharmaceuticals, certain pharmaceutical inputs, select medical goods, rare earth materials, and critical minerals. […]

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279 of the 284 Chinese Tariffs Increased Effective August 23, 2018

On August 23, 2018, an ad valorem tariff increase of 25% for 279 Chinese goods will be applicable.  Here is the approved list – Click Here Only 5 tariff numbers were excluded from the original proposed list.  They are 3913.10.00   Alginic acid, and its salts and esters, in primary forms 8465.96.00. Splitting, slicing or paring […]


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